Fifty Shades of Grey

There will always be wine and DiGiorno,
When you’re feeling low and forlorno.
But now, literati:
Read, and be naughty!
If romance, they must not be porno.


Billy Ray Cyrus Made a Rap Video

With Miley it’s easy to poke fun;
At least she is only twenty-one.
But all of these rears 
At fifty-two years?
There’s always more twerk to be done.

Ashton Kutcher Beats CNN on Twitter

Ashton beat CNN on Twitter.
One million followers. Consider:
Anyone can tweet
Every time they eat—
And each time they go to the shitter.

Joe Biden’s German Shepherd

Joe Biden’s kids got a shepherd,
only to find themselves peppered
with angry “tut, tuts”
from activist nuts
You’d think that they purchased a leopard.


As soon as I saw Harry Potter,
I knew that no one was hotter.
My love for Miss Granger
Has put me in danger:
That jail-baiting hot muggle daughter!

By guest poet Jason Slayton

Brothers and Sisters (Soap Opera): II

The eldest son’s thiev’ry not merited,
A penchant for fraud he inherited.
Though he’s hardly a foil,
For no-one is loyal:
With “tell no one else!” always parroted.

By guest poet Corey Welton

Brothers and Sisters (Soap Opera): I

Five siblings, all past their prime,
Invariably awkward at times.
It appears that the unction
To resolve their dysfunctions
Is thorough applications of wine.

By guest poet Corey Welton